George is a greekamerican ikarian born and raised in Ohio. He loves the island and always being near or in the sea.

He is the owner of Ikarian Boats that organizes boat tours along the south side of Ikaria and the nearby islands such as Fournoi,Patmos,Arkioi-Marathi,Lipsi and Mykonos.

George recognizes the importance of providing hiscustomers with the best quality and safest time during the boat tours.

George makes sure all his boats meet your clean,comfort and safety standards.So join him and his well trained local ikarian crew on an amazing boat trip along the beautiful island of Ikaria.

George, his brother Christos and their father have been collaborating for many years with Evon and Evon’s Rooms since they have known each other for several years and from this year 2021, they organize excursions according to the needs of Evon’s Rooms customers. Contact Evon for more information. We will be happy to travel with you and your soul …. on an unforgettable trip to the blue waters of the Aegean.

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