Ioanna Rapti and I have known each other for several years and I know her scientific work personally and this year we decided to work together and be in the field of Evon’s Rooms.

Below I quote her Curriculum Vitae:

  • Mental health counselor physical approach
  • Certification: Hellenic Institute of Neurophytotherapy and Character Analysis Wilhelm Reich Center in collaboration with Scuola Italiana Biosystemica. (4 years)
  • Member: Hellenic Society of Professional Mental Health Counselors
  • Member: European Society of Professional Mental Health Consultants.

Participation in professional development seminars:

1) “Diagnosis and treatment of the borderline structure with the short character analytical psychotherapy” trainer Xavier Serrano Hortelano (2013)

2) ”Biosystemic psychotherapy and counseling trainer Dr. Jerome liss (2011)

3) ”psychotherapy Gestalt“ trainer Dott.Valter Mastropaolo (2012)

4) “Gentle bioenergetics” trainer Richard Overly (2014)

5) ”20th European congress, Gender and psychotherapy (2015)

* License to practice the profession of b.nursing * Languages ​​English / Spanish

* Holder of ECDL

  • Volunteer work: Coordinator of emotional support groups for cancer patients in Ikaria 2017-2019
  • Coordinator of a counseling station for children and adolescents of the Pramnos – Ikaria sports club 2016-2022


What is body-oriented Psychotherapy?

Originating from the work of the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, body oriented psychotherapy describes certain types of therapy techniques that integrate your physical body into the therapy process.

There are many different therapy modalities and therapeutic techniques that fall into this category, but they all share the root concept that you body is intimately connected with your psychology and that one cannot be healthy if the other is not.

Usually these types of therapy techniques can help a whole range of physical and emotional symptoms.

Different modalities and techniques are appropriate for different people and issues. Body oriented psychotherapist will work with your body and your mind to help you achieve balance and improve your overall well-being.

This may involve mind-body exercises such as breathwork, meditation, visualization, grounding, awareness work, gentle Bioenergetics, balance and buterfly touch massage.

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