“Mother Nature knows best”!

Despina is a lover of mother nature. She produces herbs, jams and sweets based on fresh fruits.

A professional Chef and farmer by nature, she started to search of health and at the same time delicious raw material for her recipes.

Today, Despina is spending more of her time in growing and collecting herbs.

Despina recognizes the importance of providing her customers with the best products to be used for a rich experience in cooking and aromatherapy.

Her high-quality products are based on naturally grown wild herbs and fruits; they are manually picked and prepared with personal care. Dried in a way that preserves a natural aroma and essence.

We can arrange to go with Despina for harvest depending on the season, or cooking lessons at Evon’s Rooms. You will also find Despina products, even some days herself, introducing them and seling them at Evon’s Rooms Cafe ….

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