Make your self happier and stress free !

Receive a massage therapy and feel totally relaxed and happy .It will help you to reduce stress. To eliminate pain such back pain , stiffness , sore shoulders.     

  •     Holistic reflexology                       
  •   Thai massage                                     
  •     Holistic massage

Evon decided to create a massage room in his rooms for the service/relaxation/treatment of Evon’s Rooms customers and not only.

Massage therapy is conducted by Aggeliki Dimmousi.

(Aggeliki Dimmousi has received training in holistic reflexology, Thai massage and Hatha Yoga.Her training began in Rishikesh, India, in 2001 at the  Sunshine School seminars (Sunshine Network, a school recognised in Thailand).She also trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand, at TCM, ITM, Old Medicine Hospital and attended private lessons with distinguished therapists. For the last 20 years Aggeliki  has been doing sessions in holistic reflexology, holistic massage and thai massage. She has collaborated with ΙΕΚ Xyni in Salonica as a teacher of alternative therapies and worked as a therapist at Aristi Mountain Resort spa in Zagorohoria.Since 2011 she has been living in Ikaria where she has been giving yoga lessons and therapeutic massage sessions and has collaborated with many businesses in Ikaria.)

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