Ikaria is an island with a rich history, culture and many hidden secrets, people all over the island make an effort to explore and highlight them. Our winery, as well as Evon’s business, is one of them with long cooperation of 20 years and more.

Inspired by age-long traditions passed on from one generation to the next.

Afianes Wines was founded by Nikos Afianes and his wife Maria almost 20 years ago with one dream in mind, to create a space where wine and life are celebrated.

By preserving ancient techniques of winemaking and combining them with modern-day practices Afianes Wines boasts an impressive and internationally renowned selection of wine labels.   Today, joined by their two children, Konstantinos and Eftychia, this family-owned winery is a local treasure elevating Ikarian wine and welcoming guests from all over the world that want to share moments, experiences, good company, and great wine.

Evon knows the Afianes family for several years and the wonderful place of the winery in Raches, where they first met. The fine and high-quality wines of the winery are Evon’s favorites and you will find them in Evon’s Cafe.

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